Helps organizations find TLC

Joe enables teams, leaders, and cultures to grow and become their very best. This is at the core of everything he believes. It’s critical in times of reformation and renaissance for Founders, CEO’s, and leaders to surround themselves with the right perspectives as quickly and often as possible. This is what Joe brings to companies and why he’s been a value-add to every company he’s ever worked alongside.

  • Joe is Managing Partner at Fathom Ventures ( — a venture capital fund in San Diego, CA with a presence in New York, Boston, and San Francisco
  • Joe is the founder and now board member of The Honor Foundation (, the first career transition institute for the Navy SEAL & US Special Operation Forces (SOF) communities with campuses across the country.
  • He is also Founder and Chairman of Honor For Life Foundation ( a $100M Endowment effort to solely benefit the work of in perpetuity.
  • Joe later received Certificates in Non-Profit (Harvard), Design Thinking (Stanford), and Capital Markets (Pepperdine). He has lectured at NYU, UCSD and UCSB on Teams, Leadership, and Culture
  • Joe honorably retired from the US Navy, NSW Command
  • Joe has served on the Board of the NASDAQ Center for Entrepreneurs in San Francisco, CA and continues to advise several non-profit causes and for-profit technology start-ups.
Architect Vision 
Teams, Leadership, and Cultures cannot go forth into the abyss, fight battles, and enter into the infinite game of business, service and responsibility without a crystal clear vision of the world they hope to create.
Discover Mission
The mission is why we get out of bed in the morning. It’s our purpose, worthy cause, or belief. It must inspire; it’s how we attract, forge, and build strong Teams, Leadership, and Cultures. A missions sole purpose is to attract the right people into your organization to support the vision architecture.
Design Core Values
Core Values guide how we think, act, feel, and communicate into our day-to-day. They are distinct and set us apart from everyone else. They act as the internal compass, our core’s compass, and define how we lead our people, families, and day to day lives. Leaders must design a moral filter for their organization, one that guides decisions, behaviors, every day toward the mission, forcing the vision architecture into reality.
Translate Guiding Principles
Guiding Principles become the written truths, underlying assumptions (defined), behind the actions of the true believers in the vision, mission, and core values of the organization. Throughout time, guiding principles translate into the day to day behaviors, a actionable moral framework, one that guides decision making, in the moment, day-to-day and inspires the right actions.
Surface Ethos
We define Ethos as:  The unspoken moral nature or the characteristic spirit of a person, community, or culture as manifested through its beliefs and aspirations.  Ultimately creating the world you envision and hope to achieve, together.
"Our company, GovX, has worked with Joe and THF and I just could not be more impressed with his inspiring leadership, genuine personal nature and innate business sense. He is a learner, a teacher and wholly devoted to just making things...better. He has become a great friend, colleague and an accomplished founder. THF, for which he started, is extraordinarily valuable organization that transitions select Special Ops talent into key roles within the private and public sectors. He's a natural leader and a difference-maker, so honored to know him."
"The Navy SEAL Foundation is honored to work with Joe Musselman and The Honor Foundation. Joe is a force to be reckoned with, and he has a passion for supporting the Naval Special Warfare community that is matched by few. Every time I get to witness Joe in action, I am inspired. I truly hope to work with Joe for many years to come as I know I will always learn and grow through our teamwork."