Not just different rules.
A different game.

We help you navigate your organization’s most critical moments - like now.

Your organization is bold.
Your people are courageous.
Your leadership is committed.

You have big goals. You also have big challenges ahead. Your problems are unique, and you deserve a bespoke solution.

At Paragon, that’s all we do.

Real solutions to your complex problems

A bureau, but better.
An agency, but more agile.
So, we’re neither. And we’re both.
Call us what you want.
We call ourselves, The Collective
Meet the Collective
Joe Musselman
Helps organizations find TLC
Helps leaders reimagine and build resilience for the future.
Helps organizations find their perfect.
Kim Harrison
Helps organizations meet their magic.
John Wallis
Helps organizations bring values to life.
Van LAi-Dumone
Helps teams thrive with creativity
Pascal finette
Helps leaders see the future
JeVon McCormick
Helps organizations build Modern Leaders

Not just different rules.
A different game.

You look at things differently and so do we. 
You want results...and relationships. You want a different experience and that’s why we built Paragon.
Transformational, not transactional
Solutions, not just celebrities
LightbulBs, not JUST lectures
"Paragon not only helps map out a solution, but coordinates the experts he represents to create custom content for our event. It’s a one stop shop for me. If I want someone to present that isn’t on his roster, he goes and brokers the deal with another bureau and that doesn’t cost me a cent.”

We design your solution. Whatever it takes.