helps organizations bring values to life

John Wallis believes that every organization should confront its challenges with open minds, analytical precision and fearless creativity. From his own vast experiences, he knows that when this process occurs, the results are remarkable for organizations and the people within them.  John has acquired this knowledge during a storybook 35-year career leading projects global and local, operations-heavy and sales-focused, values-based and bottom-line driven. John is a leadership and management expert, having spearheaded far-flung international teams, positioned multiple global brands, and steered ground-level operations for enterprises on six continents.

  • As Chief Marketing Officer of Hyatt Hotels Corporation (reporting to CEO), overhauled company’s global marketing strategy, successfully developing, integrating and directing all initiatives in E-commerce, analytics, brands, innovation, loyalty, communications, and PR, for a company with total revenue of approximately $4 billion.
  • Synthesized Market Mix Modeling analytics with one-on-one, qualitative research of customer preferences, forging clear, powerful, multi-factored insights into market segments.
  • Converted marketing insights into creating five sub-brands for Hyatt Hotels during 7-year tenure, each sub-brand targeted to specific, emerging market segment, and each sub-brand prospering today.
  • Developed comprehensive strategy for deploying integrated social media, encompassing mobile techniques, digital concierge services, and full-scale internal training in networking behaviors and culture.
  • As Global Leader of Key Strategic Initiatives (reporting to CEO), pioneered application of empathy to Hyatt’s unique brand of customer care, elevating performance of company and myriad associates.  In so doing, forged innovative partnerships with Institute of Design at Stanford, Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin, and Simon Sinek’s Start With Why team.
  • Served as first executive sponsor of Women Within Hyatt
  • Instituted company’s global environmental strategy, stitching into overall brand positioning.
"I have know John for several years as a friend and also in a business relationship.  We first established a relationship with John while he was the CMO of Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, and then later worked with him with his newly formed company when he helped us with leadership and culture of our company and finding "our why" deep inside our organization.  John is one of the most extraordinary leader and visionary I have met in my life.  He immediately makes the person feel at ease and comfortable and engages his audience in an amazing manner.  I continue to get stunned by his clarity of purpose and vision and his insights into what it takes to deliver to an organization's goals and objectives.  In his multiple roles, John has touched so many lives and made so many people a much better version of themselves.  It's amazing that I will be in different parts of the world in a meeting with different organizations in hospitality space, and someone will bring up his name as a lifelong mentor.  For us, John, is not only a personal friend, but also someone that we can count on when our vision is clouded. The best is that John never tells you what to do, but he guides you through the process of finding your inner true self and using that to find the path forward.  A lot of people claim to be a leader, but a true leader makes everyone around them a leader and that's what John does." - Anil Aggarwal, CEO
"I first met John Wallis when he was at Hyatt and found him to be the one person within the Hyatt organization who deeply understood the connection between the flourishing of individual employees and the health of the organization for whom they work.  Our relationship continued after John retired from Hyatt and I have found him to be extraordinary insightful about organizational strategy.  We have benefited so much from his wisdom over the years and have asked him to serve in an advisory capacity in the strategic development of our Center and the affiliated non-profit we launched about five years ago.  John has so generously shared his time with us pro bono and we are so deeply grateful for his friendship and support.” - Dr. Richard Davidson
"John has the Midas Touch of humanity, empathy, caring, and love. Over the years in meetings, while on vacation at a Hyatt hotel anywhere in the world, and on social media, I have come across many people that have known John and benefited from his wisdom and friendship. Invariably, the mention of John’s name brings a smile and a wonderful story." - Adam Schorr