Helps organizations MEET THEIR MAGIC

Kim Harrison is a facilitator of experiences, executive coach and keynote speaker. Kim founded Meet Your Magic to give leaders new tools so they can make the most meaningful and impactful contribution to their life and the lives of others.

  • Beginning in 2008, before there was a book or TED Talk, Kim started working with Simon Sinek. For over a decade, along with Simon, Kim led the Simon Sinek, Inc. team and built the foundation on which the global WHY movement spread.
  • Led a 3 year partnership with Ernst and Young to help fortune 500 companies like Coca Cola, Cox Media and GE, implement Sinek’s new ways of leading with purpose.
  • Developed Simon Sinek’s Why Discovery Process in partnership with.... Has helped hundreds of leaders and organizations of every size and sector articulate their value and purpose.
  • Created cutting-edge rituals and frameworks that enabled a 28-person virtual team to stay connected to each other and their values while making a big impact in the world.
“Kim has validated and supported my journey as a leader over the last 5 years. If you want the recipe for how you can be a more authentic and genuinely human leader, she’s your greatest ally. Kim will tell you the truth. She’s direct, she’s real, she’s funny, she will give you permission to share your whole self and to lead from what’s true.”  -Tina Roth Eisenberg, Founder of Creative Mornings
“In everyone’s life there are one or two special teachers or coaches. They teach you how to think, they challenge and push you. Most importantly, they see your possibility – more grand and more clear than anyone else. That’s Kim. A few hours with her is like years with anyone else. If you’re looking to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, work with Kim.” -  Kip Tindell, Founder of The Container Store
“My work is about building better leaders. And one thing I’ve learned is that every leader needs someone to help them. For ten years, I had Kim by my side to help me be the leader I wish I had. If you’re committed to being the leader you wish you had, work with Kim.” Simon Sinek, New York Times Best Selling Author
Kim embodies authenticity, vulnerability and love. She challenges us all to move beyond conventional thinking and to look for solutions that create the possibilities of a  higher level of doing and being. Her words and presence would be a gift to any audience. - Ryan Picarella, CEO, The Wellness Council of America