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Rorion Gracie is a Brazilian born Gracie Jiu - jitsu Professor; the oldest son of Grand Master Helio Gracie and one of the few people in the world to hold a 9th degree red belt in Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu. Rorion is also a best - selling author, publisher, producer, lecturer, and widely credited with creating the new combat sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), when in 1993, he introduced the world to the effectiveness of Gracie Jiu - Jitsu through the production of the very first, Ultimate Fighting Championship; an event that sought to find martial artists from every fighting style around the world and pit them against each other in the quest for the ultimate self - defense system.

Rorion Gracie is the first-born son of Grand Master Helio Gracie, and one of a few people in the world to have a 9th degree red belt in Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

At the young age of 17, during an exploratory visit to the US, he had his money and return ticket stolen, which pushed him into an incredible adventure that impacted the world.

In 1978, after he earned a Law Degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rorion came to the USA and started teaching jiu-jitsu out of his garage in Hermosa Beach, CA.  He is widely recognized as the person responsible for the spreading of Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-jitsu across the globe especially after he co-created of the UFC, the fastest growing sport in the planet, and forever changed the world of martial arts.

At home, he finished high school and attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, graduating with a degree in Law.

At the request of some high ranking military personnel, Rorion created the modern US Army hand-to-hand combatives program, which has since been adopted by all branches of the military, as well as every major law enforcement agency in the US.

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Released n 2010, was written by Rorion to promote the life changing benefits of the food combination program developed by his late uncle Carlos Gracie. The revised edition was released in 2017 with additional recipes, a new chapter about detox, and much more. That was followed in 2020 by the release of the Revised Edition of “Gracie Jiu-jitsu, The Master Text,” which includes a new section with his father’s philosophy.