Not just different rules.
A different game.

The collective

To do what had never been done before, Danny Ocean needed a safecracker, an acrobat, an explosives genius and a surveillance expert.

You’re not trying to knock off the biggest casinos in Vegas (are you?) but your challenge is important and complex. And you need a unique team of specialists.

One of our experts helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs raise over $100 million to launch their new ideas.  Another built one of the world’s largest and most successful change organizations. Another founded the first-ever career transition institute for the US Navy SEAL & Special Forces.

If your last change initiative felt harder than robbing a Vegas casino, maybe you just didn’t have the right team or your very own Danny Ocean to bring it all together…

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Assessment Tools & Partners

Project Evo
In order for businesses to truly thrive in this new world, it not only takes investing in their people, but also supporting them along the way.  As people, when we begin to show up as the best version of ourselves, we want to contribute in meaningful ways.  EVO is an alignment-based tool that helps leaders understand how they work best and align with teammates - so they can easily sustain flow and get results.  Find out how Paragon & EVO can help support your team along their journey.
Compound Coaching
Paragon Experts inspire bold new leadership. To translate that inspiration into action, your leaders need coaching that highlights blindspots, challenges limiting beliefs and unlocks leadership potential. We partner with Compound Coaching to deliver a unique 2-on-1 approach that is designed to help leaders clarify bold ideas and big decisions that lead to success.
Meet Darren
Paragon Founder
The ultimate solutions architect, Darren has spent the last six years helping organizations find new solutions to their complex problems.

Using his deep understanding of client challenges and intimate knowledge of his expert’s content, Darren weaves together uncanny combinations of people and content to help teams reach their most audacious goals.

Darren brings his experience as an entrepreneur, head of business development, a husband, a father of three, a cancer survivor and his love of the game of business to partner with organizations to design solutions for lasting change.